Expert Witness


Forensic Services

In the event of accident or failure of a Building Service resulting in secondary damage or injury, more often than not a forensic analysis is required to determine the root cause of the incident. This is particularly required when the incident leads to an insurance claim and the insurance company needs to be sure of their liability before settling the claim. To that end they employ the services of an Expert Witness.

Callidus Design provide an Expert Witness function via our strategic partners. We have expertise in providing this function over a wide range of building and process services.

For reasons of confidentiality we are not able to release details of individual cases but here are just a few of the incidents for which we have provided forensic analysis and expert reports:

  • Freezing of heating coils in Air Handling Units with resulting water damage upon thawing
  • Catastrophic explosion of Domestic Hot Water cylinder with extensive damage to plantroom
  • Fire inside gas-fired Air Handling Unit leading to destruction of AHU
  • Fire in gas-fired CHP Unit leading to destruction of CHP unit and plantroom
  • Accidental toxic substance release to watercourse
  • Water release from burst pipe fitting with resulting water damage
  • Failure of ventilation system resulting in animal deaths
  • Water release from fitting failure within underground water main
  • Electrical shock from socket outlet failure
  • Water release due to gasket failure on LTHW system with resulting water damage

 Please contact us if we can be of assistance with your forensic investigation.